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Two words shouldn’t be in your dictionary if you’re pursuing anything entrepreneurial.

Ignorance results in mistakes we make because we don’t know enough.

Ineptitude results in mistakes we make when we know enough- but don’t make proper use of what we know.

And with respect to mistakes, ignorance poses the question “What do I do?” but ineptitude poses the question “How do I do it?”.

The answer to both of those questions lies in to-do lists.

To-do lists are deceptively simple solutions to mitigating the errors present in the wild, wild west that is the start-up world. But their use…

Did you know that about 190 billion dollars are spent yearly in the US to address the psychological and physical effects of burnout?

The amalgamation of technology has blurred the boundaries between social & work life. Emails, meetings, social media consumption eat up most of our time knowingly or unknowingly. Often with the pressure to achieve our targets, meet deadlines, or get that assured promotion, we turn a blind eye to our well-being. The remote working scenario has brought work home for real. Thus, making it a struggle for employees to find the strike balance between work and social-personal life.

Covid-19 has challenged the conventional work pattern. As a rescue mechanism, the companies adopted the remote working model. The motive of working from home was to ensure the sound health of humans at large. Though the virtual work model has proven to be a blessing in disguise, it might have questioned mental health.

Research indicates that 75% of U.S. workers have struggled at work due to anxiety caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and other recent world events. The work from home model has been fruitful in ways that have increased the work-life balance and productivity. But due to the ongoing…

Aarya Morwal

Work from home is here to stay as 52% of the global workforce now functions remotely at least once per week. There has been a shift in operating style, the mode of communication, and, more importantly, the workplace. Working in the comfort of our house has its opportunities and distractions. Without the presence of physical boundaries or managers supervising our work all the time, we hold the freedom to structure and manage our time.

Remote work has proven to be a silver lining in tough times. Thus, making the most out of this opportunity should be our goal…

If you are reading this article around the time of its release, it’s more than likely that you and your team are working from home. In the time you have been working remotely, do you think your productivity has increased or decreased? We asked this question to our followers on social media and the result was almost a perfect split. Whether you believe it or not, your productivity has been impacted for the good or worse, there are steps you can take to get the most out of your remote experience.
In this article, we highlight some of those steps.‍

Plan out your day

This sheer sense of timelessness that is associated with games has stroked the curiosity of several scholars and resulted in multiple studies about game design & its elements. These studies have shown the effect of games on human psychology and also its overall application in non-game contexts which has come to popularly be known as Gamification. Since the turn of the last decade, the application of gamification concepts in improving workplaces and businesses has been a topic of interest for many CEOs and business leaders, sparking a lot of investment in the area.As …

We can all agree to the fact that this is not how we expected 2020 to be. The start to next decade was supposed to be much more prosperous with that tour plan, or wedding or graduation, or that movie release. Plans are spoiled, but work is still on.

The lockdown has completely shifted the way we work. We don’t go to work anymore. We wake up earlier than usual, stay at home and work. Sometimes you feel that you are more productive being at home, sometimes you feel otherwise. A study from Stanford on work from home policy in…

There is so much more than what meets the eye when it comes to the world of entrepreneurship. The cracks are all hidden behind the camera, you’re given no script, no directions and all eyes are on you. You want to break all barriers and prove your haters wrong while you just want to make your friends and family proud. And there might not be a retake. You just have to keep going, beyond your mistakes and it’s do or die every single day. Entrepreneurship is a game of mentality.

A study by the Harvard Business School recognised 5 common…

In the winter of 2017, I came across Slack- a seemingly cool app that promised to improve the productivity and collaboration of my workplace.

I was going to start my term as President of a student body come January 2018, and I thought this was just the change we required to get everyone excited about my team’s term.

However, I thought wrong, the outcome was quite the opposite. In fact, I was in for a shocker. By February, it felt like I was the most hated person in the organisation for suggesting the change. I had never been hated like…

Think of the last time you had to submit that super important project, or when you had to study for an extremely important but boring exam. You must have spent time in arranging your table, ensuring it is aesthetically appealing to boost your ‘mood’ to study or finishing one more episode of that season.

This is procrastination, and everyone, including you, has had an encounter with it. In fact, according to researcher and speaker Piers Steel, 95 percent of us procrastinate to some degree.

Procrastination is when you do trivial tasks before/instead of an important task just because the task…


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